Online traffic increasing tools for small online shops

Whatever your business is about, if you're customers can reach you online, then you must keep up the times. It's not enough anymore to have a nice website with very well described products (although it helps). It's not enough anymore to spend thousands on Google Adwords (we developed this condition called add blindness). You need your customers and normal people to talk about your business, to praise you in writing (blogs). Social media = people talking to other people about YOU.
Are they really talking about your product or service? If not, there are many ways in which you can encourage them to do so (apart from offering and impeccable service and high quality products at very competitive prices). Checklist below

1. Reach the bloggers.

Here's how I see it. Bloggers like writing. They like to be online and connect with other people. Well, blogging is time consuming and hosting a blog and the internet connection still costs money. Bloggers need money so they'll be happy to write about your stuff if you reward them for their effort with commissions and bonuses. Are they worth it? You bet. Once they've written about your business on their blog, they'll want to generate a sale for you so they'll go on and promote it on their social media networks. This for you, translated in exposure and clients. How to reach these bloggers and how to make it easy for them to promote you? Go to the big middle men. The ones I work with and I like for the ease of use    (I'm a blogger not a html expert or java script programmer) are; LinkShare and Webgains.  
So, to get bloggers to colaborate with you , let find sales leads for you. Only pay when it works! Drive more traffic to your online store using performance based marketing.

2. Pay reviews. 

Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with  Bloggers will also be happy to review your products and services, if they tried them and have been pleasantly impressed with it. But let's be honest, writing about how amazing a anti-ageing cream is, might not be a motivation in itself for a blogger. This is why, you can motivate them just a little bit more offering to pay per blog post. All you have to do is sign up with these online businesses that are acting again as middle men between bloggers (publishers) and advertisers (business owners).
To name just a few of these:

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