Weekly Free Images at Cricut

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Free Images and Featured Projects at Cricut
Sometimes all we need to get the creative juices flowing is a little inspiration, and at Cricut they have just the thing. Each week Cricut posts free images of the week that you can download and use to create hundreds of new projects—from iron-ons for fabric to vinyl stickers for furniture—each one paired with an exciting project that you can make. In addition to the image, they also feature projects from their online community, both easy and moderate in complexity, everything for all levels of DIYers. All of these cutout designs can be made with the Cricut Explore™, a design-and-cut system for making amazing, affordable DIY craft projects. It’s the easiest way to turn an idea into a finished project right in your own home. Check out Cricut to jumpstart your own cutout art.

Mother's Day Cards and Free Stamp at Cardstore

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 Who doesn't love to be able to check off 2 To-Do's at once off your list?
This offer is perfect for just that. We all know the importance of giving Mom a Mother's Day card, but sometimes we find ourselves last-minute shopping for that special Grad in our life.
Well, now you can use this offer to get all of your cards created at once!
Find the perfect cards for all of the Moms and Grads you know, and get them all shipped directly to the recipients for FREE! 

Affiliate Exclusive! 50% off Mother’s Day Cards + Free Stamp when you let us Mail it for You at Cardstore! Use Code: DDCAF4688, Valid through 4/30/14. Shop Now! Don't forget! Cardstore has an amazing feature called Future Send!
Just create your cards, schedule them up to a year in advance and Cardstore takes care of the rest! So feel free to get organized. It's never been easier.

5 tips on how to get new followers on your social media networks

Nowadays, simply having great content on your blog is not enough to bring you new subscribers and a great deal of traffic for your website.
You may be doing the SEO right and you may be getting some organic traffic from the search engines, but one must never ignore the power of social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and so on.
Once you're signed up for one of these social media networks, you may start to feel the pressure of acquiring many followers.
Well, in my experience, followers come with time, patience and with great content that you're bringing to the table.
However, if you're in a hurry to get as many people engaged with your content, there are some tricks that may speed up the rate at which people will start, subscribing to your feed, following your boards on Pinterest, adding you to their circles in Google+, like your Facebook page or re tweeting your tweets on Twitter.
Here's how to get new followers whatever the social network: 

1. Connect your accounts. Add your social media buttons on your blog, mention your blog on the profile page of your social media. Make it easy for everyone who takes an interest in you to follow you across the websites where you have a presence.
2. Great content . Write it on your blog and then share it on your social media. Be sure to add good quality images and engaging descriptions.... i.e - ask for opinions.
3. Tune in. Social media is not all about sharing your blog content and hoping that people will like it and follow the links to your blog. Social media is also about listening to other people, engaging with their content and tuning in. Spend some time, (it's never a waste) looking at other people posts, comment on whatever touches you in any way, like pages, share other people posts, engage in conversations, have some fun!
4. Be active. Dedicate at least half an hour a day to socializing online. Once you get a retweet, a repin, a comment, a like, a re share, see it as a great opportunity to start a conversation. Start with Thank you and see where that takes you.
5. Enjoy it and do all of the above as often as possible. 
Finally, find out what is your social influence score HERE
And in case you're worried that you may miss out on the great outdoors while spending all this time on social media. STOP: You can take your tablet or your laptop outside (even on the beach) - just fit it with the right outdoors gears: ANTI GLARE, none reflective gadgets and accessories.