Creating your own job online - for free

These days, with the lack of jobs, we all like to spend a lot of time complaining about the situation. But why wait for it to improve, why wait for others to give us a job? We can create our own work and be much better off for it. We have internet connections better than never, we have a wealth of free internet hosting and blogging software in our hands and we don't even have to be experts in web-design anymore. All we have to do these days is have something to say and say it in a blog. Monetizing it will come easy.  I'll be writing a few blog posts about blog monetizing and how easy it is to do. I'll be writing from my  beginner's point of view (with some big paychecks - call it beginner's luck, I wish you'll get it as well). 
I hope this blog posts will help you, dear reader, creating your own work and your own source of income.

There are many businesses that will try to sell you hosting packages, SEO, social media tools. There is nothing wrong with them and feel free to buy it if you wish. But, because I started only with free services, I'll try to recommend you the best free services online, because I would like you to earn the money first without any other investment than your time and your willingness to learn. 

1. Creating a Blog with a purpose - for absolute beginners
2. Google Ad Sense - once you've got your blogger going, Ad Sense will make perfect sense. 
3. General Affiliate programs: The BEST is here: Join, Earn Cash!
4. Twitter - how to 
5. Pinterest - how to 
6. Heartit, Loveit, Twitter and Hootsuite
7. Global Affiliate Programs
10. English Learning Tools
12. Yoga Affiliate Programs
13. Sponsored Reviews
14. Language Learning Programs
15. Hosting Affiliate Programs
16 Cash for Photography
17 Cash for Surveys
18 Cash for Expertise