Getting paid to blog and tweet

As I was saying into a previous post, the big advertisers (and small ones as well) need publishers (bloggers, social net workers, photographers, affiliates, reviewers ) more than ever these days, because driving sales through personal recommendations it has been proved to be the best way to generate sales and leads. This is why the advertisers are now willing to pay you and me and everyone with internet access to write about the products and services that they sell. And of course there are many middle men to make the meeting between publishers and advertisers possible. I found a few of them that I tried and tested and I can say they are definitely worth registering with:

You blog. You Profit. Sign up for SocialSpark!-  Social Spark is the newest and I think the best of them. All you have to do is to follow a simple step by step registering process (fast, easy, free) set your price and just wait for the offers from advertisers to show up into your inbox. Don't feel obliged to write about anything you don't like. (You don't want to taint your blog) Just wait and be patient until the right offers come to you. Write with passion and you'll be paid handsomely into your Paypal account. Register here

SponsoredTweets referral badge   - Sponsored Tweets is the way to earn cash for tweets if you have a tweeter account. . Register with your tweeter account, set your preferences, set your price or let Sponsored Tweets set it for you according with your twitter audience, and just as before, wait for the offers form the advertisers. I only have 500 tweeter followers and my recommended price per tweet was automatically set at 50 cents per tweet. Not bad, hey, considering that a tweet takes less than a second to perform. Click here to register
In addition, Sponsored Tweets will also give you a badge like the ones you see on the right, that you can place directly on your blog to let potential advertisers know that you can do the tweeting job for them.

There is another group of advertisers that will pay bloggers per blog post. I already wrote all about them here 

You may also like to register with a few others affiliate programs where you'll have access to thousands of advertisers with eye catching banners and a healthy amount of products links with comprehensive descriptions and up to date deals and discounts . Find them  here 

Other ways to earn an income from your social media and from your blog:
- build up your social media score and get chosen for sponsored blog posts. 
- Host giveaways on your blog.