Amazon Affiliates How to

A good friend of mine, is very into beauty products and make-up. She's soo keen on them, that she even has a blog writing about what works best for her. She likes to help others chose the best on the market you know. Here's the link: Muzettte
Now, she would also like to be able to direct people to the products she reviews in one single click. It is frustrating indeed to read on a person's blog about how amazing this and that is, without being able to click and see where you can buy your own. So I suggested she'd start an Amazon Associates Account, as a way to help her readers find the right products in one single click and also a way to monetize her blog. 
Amazon needs bloggers like her to direct customers and generate sales. Amazon also pays a 4  %to 7 % commission on sales. Considering that they do the hard work, I'd say it's a good deal. 
So here I am, trying to explain to my dear friend Muzette, step by step how to register as an Amazon Associate and how to find her way around. 

  •  go to (If your audience is from Spain, UK, Germany, France , it is advisable to start an affiliate account with; .uk; .fr and so on)
  •  Click on register as an Amazon Affiliate and follow the steps provided. Enter your personal details, your preferred method of payment and your website details. 
  • 3. You'll be given a tracking ID that you can customize if you wish
  • 4. Wait for the confirmation mail to arrive and you're ready to go
  • 5. Sign in to your amazon affiliate account. 
  • 6. On the top bar you'll find that the first tab says PRODUCT LINKS. Click on it
  • 7. You know the name of the product that you want to place a link of on your site so type it in the search bar. 
  • 8. The search results will show your product and other similar products
  • 9. Choose your product and click GET LINK
  • 10. You can have a text only, image only, or text and image. Choose and customize (my personal opinion is that large image only looks best on product review sites plus a text link only)
  • 11. When you're happy with the look of your affiliate link. Click HIGHLIGHT HTML. Right lick and Copy. 
  • 12. Go back to your blogspot blog post. Now pasting that HTML in the exact location in your blog can be sometimes tricky because you have to do it in HTML mode. But, don't worry, I've got a simple trick to make this easy: In compose mode, decide where about your image or text link will go. place the cursor there and type zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz or whatever combination is likely to catch your eye faster. Now go in the HTML mode (top left corner) and look for your eye catching letters. Replace them with your Product H| HTML code. 

All done. Now when I come browsing through your blog and you'll be telling me how amazing this cream is, I will be convinced, I'll want it, I'll click it and be taken to amazon site to securely make the purchase. You, dear product reviewer  will be rewarded with a 4% commission of my purchase. Generate 7 more sales and your commission will increase to 6% and so on. 

That's all for today, I hope you found this amazon affiliates beginner's tutorial useful and I'll be glad to answer questions and be of more help. Just use the comment box below to send feedback

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