.TEL names - what are they for?

.TEL is a top-level domain that's changing the way we access information and keep in touch. 
 In today's digital world we need to appear in multiple places to find new customers. These places include search engines, local directories and social media sites. 
A .tel name gives you a branded link that you can share and post on all of these sites enabling you to drive more sales and client leads back to your business. 
A .tel name gives you more exposure in search results.
A .tel name is also a very powerful stand-alone web presence that presents all your key information in a mobile-friendly way to benefit from the boom in mobile search.
A .tel name provides all the relevant content your customers need.  on a single profile page designed for fast and elegant display on all devices including smartphones. 
Telnames.com is the place where you can buy, register and host your .tel name and in minutes, without any tech knowledge, create a great mobile-ready website, yourmobilesite.tel, to promote your business everywhere in the world. 

Telnames provides businesses (small and large) and professionals with a simple, low-cost service to help with on-line discovery and promotion. 
Professionals and businesses marketing themselves today need just two things;
  • The first is a simple on-line presence that they own, which is search and mobile-friendly and can be used as a point of contact for customers to reach them.
  • The second is the ability to easily promote their name or brand in as many places online that they can, to take advantage of the word-of-mouth effect of social networks.
Using the award-winning .tel domain, telnames.com  provides a simple and effective place where you can own and update when you want. Use this as a point of contact in all your on-line and promotional activities, knowing it will always be up-to-date and easy for customers to access, wherever they are, whenever they want.
Telnames  have  simplified the process of buying, setting up and managing your own place on-line. There are no hidden costs and everything you need to publish your information is included in one small annual fee.

Telnames provides just what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Features of the mobile -ready website:
  • Presents all your essential contact information with options to add a map, photos, a video and even a special offer. 
  • Gets you found in search engines 
  • Is designed for fast display on all devices including tablets and smartphones. 
  • Links to any existing website, blog and social media connections e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Customizable with your own logo or brand and background image.
  • Quick set-up and easy changes and updates
      •  No technical skills required.

PS. Unlike '.com's, '.tel's  have a higher availability (for now) so chances are that while domains such as would.tel; should.tel, could.tel and might.tel are available (were available 5 minutes ago) your brand.tel will also be available (unless your brand name is love, life, money and laugh and the likes)