Paying for Hosting and other extras - is it worth it?

You bet! After familiarizing oneself with the free Blogger (great free service) and WordPress (just as good), there comes a point when a trying to monetize a blog hosted on one of these free platforms becomes difficult. 
For example the free WordPress interface will delete blog posts that have too many ads (in my case were 2). 
Blogger allows as many ads as you please, but I am yet to find a way to add a SEO plug in to it (I don't think that's possible - but if anyone has any info on this subject please let me know).
However, as with everything in life, some things are worth paying for. Try the freebies, play with them, keep them, but when you'll find limitations (I'm sure you will at some point) consider paying for services that will make your blog or site shine. 
The first thing to do here is to think how much nicer '' sounds than ''. 
Anyhow, think of a unique .com domain name, and try to buy it - Good Luck! chances are it's already taken. No worries. Keep trying, play with words, be creative, ask your kids for help (that's how I've got my main domain name) you'll eventually come up with a brilliant domain name that is not already taken. 
(Even if it's already taken, there is a good chance it might be for sale here: Auctions - Browse Inventory, List Your Domain). 
You couldn't think of anything appealing? Click on the link above and find out what pretty domain names are in auction. Even though the nicest ones will be expensive, you might at least get some inspiration.
Most hosting providers do offer domain name registration and free tool to check whether the domain you want to buy is available. 
I recommend buying the domain and the hosting from the same provider (it's easier and usually those two come as a discounted package)

Luckily the competition between the  many hosting providers leads to better and cheaper services every day. Do your research, compare prices and packages and only then commit. 
Below you'll find the hosting and domain registration packages that I think they're worth looking into: 

 Probably the best domain registration, transfer and Hosting Package on the net. 
At Just Host, they boast unlimited everything. And they mean it. Having been a client of theirs for about years, I can honestly say, that I have been overwhelmed with the amount of freebies, support and good offers.  I found them accidentally and I've got a very good value hosting package from them at sign-up. However, I was worried that after my special introduction price will expire, they'll charge me more to continue using the great service they offer. I was wrong. They held on to me for about 10 years with unbeatable prices, great value and quality of service. If you're wondering why am I using blogger if I have paid hosting elsewhere ... the answer is simple: I still like a good freebie. However here's the link to some of my JustHost hosted blogs, see if they'll load fat enough for you : The Lifestyle Place, Life's for Living, Yoga Source 

CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR JUSTHOST.COM and be impressed with the services they offer. 

Crystone - Shared hosting 

- Get miniplan for $0.99 with code: WINTER

This is the cheapest option I could find ,  the reviews I read on it are all good and it has the advantage that you get to try it for 45 Days before you commit to a year contract. Not bad for $0.99/ month. I'd say it's perfect for begginners who never bought hosting before. Great learning tool and if you can't find anything wrong with it during your 45 days, good to keep. Here's what it's beeing said about it:
  • Value for money
  • Solid experience and quality products
  • Technical Support available 24/7 via free phone, ticket system and live chat
  • Microsoft Exchange Mail included in the hosting package
  • Clients can build their site in 5 min – no experience in HTML or PHP needed
  • Cool promotions and lots of free stuff with all  hosting packages
  • No Contract with a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

 Unlimited Hosting at!

As well as good hosting packages, good prices on .com domains (Smoking Hot Savings! $5.99 .COM from!), you get a WordPress installation that has no limitations: (javascript and as many ads as you please allowed : Wordpress &; Go Daddy Hosting - A Winning Combination For Your blog! 

is apart from all the other companies as the only Official RapidWeaver Web Hosting Partner! RapidWeaver is the web design software built especially for Mac OS X Leopard. So that means any website designer who uses a Mac, or designing sites especially for Apple products (MacBook, iMac, iPad, iPhone, or iTouch), will be using RapidWeaver to build his websites. And if they are using RapidWeaver, they will want to sign up with the web hosting company that is their official partner.

Little Oak Hosting was created to fill a void by providing the Apple and Mac community with premium web hosting.

Become Successful with 1&1 Web Hosting

They say that Better hosting doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! 
With  Web Hosting Plans ON OFFER! most of the time and free domains with all 11 Hosting plans, I think they're worth a look. If, I wouldn't already have a good hosting packae, I'd be tempted by this one. 

More hosting services offering good value for money and may freebies with the hosting package. Read more