Koshymedia Music & Recording Studio Releases Sabry Elkoshairy’s Mama Song


Koshymedia Music & Recording Studio Releases Sabry Elkoshairy’s Mama Song

Music creator Sabry Elkoshairy releases mama song dedicated to his mother and all mothers around the world!

June 24, 2015, Netherlands. Koshymedia is ready with their upcoming release – Mama Song dedicated to all mothers around the world. Conceptualized and composed by Sabry Elkoshairy, the music is an eternal piece celebrating the most beautiful relation of a mother and her child.

Posted by Sabry elkoshairy on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The enchanting song is going to get a worldwide release this June and is certainly one of the most exquisite compositions from the musician. The melodious track has been composed beautifully in keeping with the song’s mood that brings out Sabry’s love for his mother. With just the right blend of lyrics and music, the song justifies his feelings perfectly. The well-known artist from Egypt achieved rave reviews for his original compositions during the early 80’s  years, but today the genre that was much criticized by people at that time is adored for its art and power that mixes soul touching music with lyrics like never before!

“Mama – can you hear me” is one song that is really close to Elkoshairy’s heart having made much more mesmerizing with the great work in video made by one of his video producers friends. The video depicts the bonding between a mother and her baby – humans, animals, and birds. No matter what species each one belongs to the affection and care bestowed on their child is selfless. Only a mother can be that much endearing and for her child she is certainly the most beautiful of all. Sabry Elkoshairy further continues about the music, “On the other hand, being so very far away from home and from my mother makes me miss her so much and therefore the urge to publish the song. So I dedicate this song to my mother and all mothers in the world.

The song premieres across the world’s digital platforms in few days and even before that fans and music lovers can watch a glimpse of the beautiful track and exclusive video right on Facebook. Koshymedia extend their gratitude to music producer Jacco wijnia , Racquel Roberts for the amazing vocals. Ruurd vande zedde for making the video clip. Also, a special mention to music producer and sound designer Sean Nnerney for contributing with such amazing lyrics. To know more about the Mama Song, other tracks and news about Elkoshairy, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Elkoshairy?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

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