Nantucket as a Wedding Destinaton and Styles From Rent the Runway

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Choosing the perfect wedding destination for the most important day in one's life is not an easy matter. Often brides to be are getting overwhelmed with suggestions and proposals and get carried away flying to the other side of the world for their wedding overlooking the fact that going so far is not absolutely necessary and many of her close friends and family might not be able to attend: beautiful beaches, blue skies, sunny weather, exotic feelings can be found a lot closer to home.

Today I'll suggest Nantucket, for its beauty and convenience and I'll also help you choose the most beautiful outfits for the occasion.

Nantucket has some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world which makes it a perfect wedding destination. The Gulf Stream makes the climate of offshore islands of Massachusetts, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, milder than than that of Massachusetts Bay, which is isolated from its effects by Cape Cod.

Therefore, one can attend a wedding there and look absolutely gorgeous too, wearing feminine summer dresses, relaxing by the pool, taking long walks on the beach and feel like they just landed in heaven.

For the dressing styles, I suggest shades of blue in classic; Preppy; Stripy designs.

I even found some fashion designers who rock exactly this style: Erin Fetherston, Lilly Pulitzer, Shoshanna, and Temperley

Their designs can also be viewed and bought or rented on Rent the Runway, a website that specializes in exactly that: allowing you to rent top quality designer outfits, wear it, feel fabulous in it, then simply return it and never be seen wearing the same dress again.

Find below some of my favorite outfits for a Nantucket Summer Weddings with Rent the Runway

Brilliant idea no? In addition to wearing something unique for each and every one event you'll ever attend, you'll save lots of space in your wardrobe and a lot of money too: The clothes renting prices are very competitive but just in case you feel they can go even lower, here's a special offer for you: 

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous time in Nantucket.