Freelancing with the feet on the ground and the head in the cloud

Today's job opportunities are not concentrated in big cities with big industries anymore. 
Thanks to the internet and the cloud and the technology is now perfectly possible to live in a remote quiet location, have a home office and earn your income from home. 
Being a freelancer is not a hopeless aspiration anymore. It can happen and we can have the lifestyle we want and free ourselves from the slavery of 9 to 5. 
I'm saying this because I came across quite a few online freelancing websites today where you can register for free update a profile, list your skills and watch the clients coming in and paying for your expertise whatever that is. 
The downside of freelancing and working from home is that.. everyone is at it... from all over the world and from economies that are not quite as successful as ours and where a $5 motivates good professionals to work for as much as a whole day. 
So, outsourcing from one of these countries is an employer's dream but this doesn't mean that people from countries with a higher cost of living should give up freelancing for this reason. 

They just have to find new creative ways to convince buyers that they can offer the best. 

So, Happy Freelancing and Good Luck!