Top 10 Affiliate Programs

Well, when your blog is successful enough, and you want to add a wider variety of links and products to it, and earn commissions for any sale you generate,'s time to sign up for one or two or more affiliate marketing programs. They're free to join, takes 5 minutes to register, a bit of time to browse through your favorite categories, seconds to apply for particular advertisers... and anything between one second and a week to get approved or rejected.

LinkShare_234x601. LinkShare is free to join for affiliates. They offer video tutorials so you can learn the ropes really fast. They also have a massive advertisers database from all over the world and a easy to use link,  product and advertiser finder. It's perfect for beginners.

2.  Join, They want to give you money. What I like most about, is that they offer so many tools to make it easy for the publisher to create great, tidy, organized content for their websites. My favorite tool is 'Make a page' - choose your products, (as many as desired) get the code, paste the code.Job done. The table displays neatly, no adjustments needed.

3. Affiliate Window (USD) - great choice of advertisers, easy to bulk join and accept their terms and conditions... organized and easy to use website.

4. - has an Associates Program which I recently joined. So far I found that it is very easy to insert text and image links to any product , it looks pretty, their commission structure is not too rewarding, but hey, they're already big and famous. I particularly like their Kindle Shop and all the free books you can get every now and then.

5. WP Engine is the premier managed WordPress hosting company. They offer fast WordPress hosting that is beloved by hundreds of bloggers and website owners. They work with huge, popular sites as well as small business owners who care about their customers' experience. Perhaps best of all is their tech support, where only WordPress experts answer questions. Sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program and receive a minimum of $150 per referral!

6. I love Layla Grayce & Zinc Door affiliate program  not only because they have beautiful home decor to suit every taste, but also because I earn 7% of Layla Grayce & Zinc Door sales that are generated from affiliate links on my site. 
If you also have a website with readers who would love Layla Grayce & Zinc Door (impossible not to like),  I totally  recommend  joining the Layla Grayce &; Zinc Door affiliate program . 
Click here to Join the Layla Grayce & Zinc Door Affiliate Program Today!

7. Zinc Door presents the modern décor enthusiast with a carefully curated collection of more than 4,000 home décor must-haves both on-trend and transitional. From iconic 20th century classics to contemporary, clean-lined pieces, the lifestyle shop’s furniture, lighting, bedding and accessories outfit today’s sophisticated interior with leading edge style that feeds your distinct design obsession.

Sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program and receive a minimum of $150 per referral!

8.  My latest discovery has been Online Yoga. 

It's great because I can practice yoga at home, whenever I have a free hour, I can choose the class I am in the mood to, the instructors are better than the ones at the local gym and I only pay $9.95/month to get unlimited access to all the resources on the site and most importantly to all the yoga videos.  (that's the price I used to pay for one yoga session at the local gym). 

 So, also has a super generous  affiliate program. 

As they have such as fantastic service on offer and people are more aware of the benefits of practicing yoga regularly, I have put their affiliate program at the top of my best affiliate programs list. 

Click here to become an affiliate and start earning a very generous 50% of the sales you generate.

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