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Stay at home mums are the best at internet marketing.
If you struggle with Google Affiliate Network, don't worry, after a few more months of research, I found that there is a lot more beyond the world of Google. My new finds below:
1. SVERVE - will serve you the writing jobs
In this article I will explain how and why mums and housewives are the best at making money through affiliate marketing. (no technical knowledge required, just passion for shopping)
I will start with some questions, that you should ask yourself as you read, I will continue by showing what it is that makes us so ready for this affiliate marketing business, then I will show you where to start earning cash for doing what you know best: finding value and quality in a huge pile of mass produced goods and services.
1. Do you spend hours on internet browsing through online stores, looking for trends in fashion, jewellery, home decoration, furnishings, gifts, cosmetics and kids stuff?
2. Do you fill up your online shopping basket and decide at the checkout time that you don’t really need all that stuff, and you can’t afford it anyway?
3. Do you go back later and buy just that item that stuck to your mind?
4. Do you wish you could afford to buy more?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then having a go at making money online through affiliate marketing it’s for you! I realize that it might sound complicated for people who never done this before, so let me reassure you that it is not so. The days when one had to be specialised in web design to be able to build a website have gone. The days when one had to pay for a web designer to build a money making site have gone as well. Nowadays, everybody can have a website or a blog, without spending one penny, and make money from it as well.
Well, some more than others. I say this because nowadays, choosing the right products is more important than technical knowledge. This is where mums, housewives and people that spent a lot of time looking after the family, know what to choose. We have been buying, browsing, we watched trends, we talked about them at the school gate. After all those years of trying to find a the best relation price-quality at the supermarket, at the department stores, at the travel agencies and so on, we developed something extraordinary called FLAIR. We’re good at choosing the right kind of products so we'll be good at helping millions of other people buy the most suitable products.

1. The gmail account and most of the free google products
If you don’t already have a gmail account go to and create a new email account.
2. Get a blog completely free 
Once you have your email account up and running, go to and sign up for a blogger account with your gmail account. I am not going to insult your intelligence and explain to you step by step what to do there. Google has easy to follow instructions and in no time you’ll choose a free theme, you’ll fill in as much info about yourself as possible, and you’ll think what your blog is going to be about. (what you like the most in the world, that’s the best hint). If you like to write about your life, your day, your opinion on politics or whatever, go ahead, write as much as you can. Writing is good. You need content if you are going to sell anythings there.
3. AdSense 
Once you’ve got some content on your website, think what sort of products are related with what you wrote about. If you can’t think of anything (unlikely), go to and sign up for an adsense account. Once you’re in, click on new ad unit, choose the size, and click save and get HTML. You’ll copy this bit of HTML that google generates for you, go to your blog. In the left corner of your blog, you’ll see two tabs: COMPOSE and HTML. Click HTML, look whereabouts you’d like your ad to appear, and click paste. Alternatively, for ad placement go to your blog, design, layout, and you’ll notice that on the sides, you can click “Add a gadget” link. Click on it and choose Adsense . Google will now place relevant to your blog and to your readers ads on your blog. People reading your blog, might get sidetracked by the ads placed there, and click on them. Every time this happens, you’ll automatically get some pennies in your Ad sense account. Warning: DO NOT ever click those ads yourself. Your Google ad sense account will be suspended. Not worth it. As I said, placing ads from Google is worthwhile only if you can’t think of anything better to put on or provisional until you find some products worthy of your blog. ADsense pays for clicks. If you do not want ads on your blog, skip step no 3.

4. Sign up with the best affiliate programs for moms. 
Find your way through your affiliate account. It’s user friendly and straightforward. Find advertisers that might interest you first and apply to their program. It will take 2 or 3 days to get approved so apply for as many as possible in your first day. Spend some time browsing through their sites and see if they sell anything that interests you. Now you've applied for 10 or 15 advertisers, go back to your blog and write something that you want to share with the rest of us. It doesn't matter how good at it you are. Someone, somewhere, will read it and thank you for it. I am new to this as well, so I am learning this as I go along. I have quite a few more hints and tips in my pocket and I promise I will keep you posted as often as I can. And do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or suggestions you may have.
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2. Other affiliate programs in a top 10 - there are only 8 at the moment, because I removed 2 of them but I'm still looking.
3. Very rewarding Affiliate programs - as they'll pay you not only for making sales yourself but also for bringing them more affiliates. Register with these and I'll be compensated $10 for each new sign-up. On top of that, their offer is pretty good